In a sleeper on the nightjet train Zurich to Berlin An overnight journey by nightjet and the early morning in Berlin.

Berlin main station and river Spree

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The Nightjet night trains of ÖBB offer an interesting network of over night train connections. An important night train runs from Zurich via Basel, Freiburg, Karlsruhe, Mannheim and Frankfurt to Berlin and Hamburg. In the Nightjet night trains you find seated cars, couchette cars and sleeper cars. This blog post is about my trip in the Nightjet sleeping car from Freiburg to Berlin.

Fast booking: buy your train ticket for the Nighjet on Trainline.


Departure from Zurich

From my home station Karlsruhe I first travelled in direction to the night train Zurich-Hamburg. I had time and my night should be longer. Therefore I took the IC train from Karlsruhe to Freiburg, from where I started my journey with the Nightjet.
In Freiburg I had to wait for one hour. At the station there was not much going on. Shortly before the arrival of the Nightjet train at around 22:00 h, the platform filled up by travellers. My sleeper wagon was already well booked.


The journey in the Nightjet sleeper from Zurich to Berlin

I went into my compartment. A sleeper cabin with single occupancy, without own shower and toilet in the compartment. But for a short night sufficient.

Beside my own sink was a bag with water bottle, towel, slippers, soap and something to nibble.

In the compartment was a list on which you had to choose the components of the breakfast. The conductress came for ticket control and took the list with her. We agreed to get my breakfast at 06:00 h on the following morning. Before I went to bed, I threw another look in the toilet on the corridor.

I was woken up with breakfast at exactly 06:00 h. Half an hour for breakfast should be fine.

Nightjet sleeper breakfast
Nightjet sleeper breakfast


Arrival in Berlin

The arrival is at 06:30 h quite early in Berlin. The train has a ten-minute stop in Berlin Hauptbahnhof, before continuing to Hamburg.

However, the early arrival also has an advantage: you can do a little city tour without seeing other tourists. If you have an hour, you can walk from the central station toward the government area.

You pass the Reichstag onwards to the Brandenburg Gate.

And finally to the Holocaust Memorial.

If you have another hour more time, which was the case with me, you can walk very relaxed along the river Spree to Bellevue Castle.


Where do I buy train tickets for the Nightjet ?

For my overnight train journey from Freiburg to Berlin I bought my train ticket here at Trainline.
Tickets are also available at DB and ÖBB.


What other night train connections does the Nightjet offer ?

The Nightjet night trains provide over night connections to Vienna, Innsbruck, Graz, Zurich, Berlin, Hamburg, Milan, Rome, Venice and more.

A list of all Nightjet night trains including timetables and stopovers can be found here.

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  1. I and my wife would like to travel from St. Moriz to Berlin or from Zurich to Berlin in August 2017. We will buy Euro rail pass. How do we travel by nightjet? Is Euro rail pass with nominal additional payment enough or do we need to buy separate tickets (DB /OBB)? Expert advise requested.

    • Hi Avinash!
      You can travel with nighjet with Eurail pass. You need an additional reservation. You can see the different reservation fares with Eurail here:
      Reservations are available from train stations or online via
      Select your connection, the nightjet from Zurich to Berlin (train type “EN” at, then go to the booking and select “Book supplement only”, then select “pass offer”. That way you can book seat, couchette or sleeper reservations for this train.
      If you have time I recommend to book until Hamburg to be able to sleeper longer, have a look around the city of Hamburg, then travel back to Berlin with ICE. If you have a 1st class pass you can book a “deluxe” compartment with ensuite shower and WC.
      Book your Eurail pass here:



    • Hi Theresa,
      yes there are lockers in different sizes available at most larger train stations. Where do you want to travel from?

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