How to Travel to Lake Bled by Train Tipps for Interrailers and train travellers

The famous island in the middle of Lake Bled.

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Lake Bled is a major tourist destination in Slovenia and is included in many Interrail trips every year. The small town of Bled and the lake are situated picturesquely at the foot of the Slovenian Alps and offer a variety of activities such as swimming, hiking or rafting. Although the town is served by two train stations, we receive many questions of how to get there from train travellers. Read below for a short guide of the best ways to get there by train. If you are travelling from Ljubljana or Lake Bled to Italy, I recommend reading this blog.


Lesce Bled station

Bled is served by two train stations on two different railway lines. The more important station of Lesce Bled is situated on the main line from Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana to Villach in Austria. As the name alreday suggests, the station is not directly in Bled but in the town of Lesce about 4km away. The station is served by frequent local trains from Ljubljana to Jesenice as well as international trains from Belgrad, Zagreb and Ljubljana to Villach, Salzburg, Munich and Zurich. Frequent buses connect the station with the lake, operated by Alpetour. A single ticket is 1,30€ and can be bought on board the buses. For detailed schedules use the website of Alpetour – the bus stop for Lesce Bled station is “Lesce ZP”, in Bled get off either at either of the two stations. If you want you can also walk on foot, there is a separate path for cyclists and pedestrians between Lesce and Bled.

A regional train to Ljubljana at Lesce Bled station.
A regional train to Ljubljana at Lesce Bled station.

I recommend to use Lesce Bled station if you are coming from Ljubljana and cities east such as Zagreb or Belgrad or if you are arriving from Austria, Germany or Switzerland. The full schedule for the Ljubljana – Jesenice line can be downloaded here or simply use our schedule planner or the Rail Planner App.


Bled jezero Station

The other station is Bled Jezero, situated on the Bohinj railway from Jesenice to Nova Gorica. This line is served by local trains only with fewer trains calling than in Lesce Bled. The station is about 1,5km away from the town centre of Bled and you can walk along the shore of the lake to get there. The Bohinj line probably is Slovenia’s most scenic railway line, taking you along the Soca valley to Nova Gorica on the Italian border.

A regional train to Nova Gorica leaves the station of Bled Jezero.
A regional train to Nova Gorica leaves the station of Bled Jezero.

I recommend to use Bled Jezero station when coming from Italy. You can also use it when coming from Austria by changing trains in Jesenice, however the connections are not very good and you usually have to wait up to an hour – better continue to Lesce Bled and take the bus from there. Connections in the other direction, via Jesenice towards Ljubljana are better though and ond weekends there even is a direct train. The full schedule is available here, you will also find connections in our schedule planner and the Rail Planner App.

If you have further questions, feel free to use the comment section below or post your question in the railcc forum.

Update: April 2018

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  1. Hello Flo,

    I’m going to go backpacking to Bled lake by the end of this month. I go from Prague to Villach then catch a train from Villach to Lesce – Bled but I can’t manage to buy the ticket online. It means I can only buy it directly at the station, both at Villach and Lesce – Bled. I’m afraid that at the station Lesce – Bled there’s no ticket office because it’s just a small station.

    • Hi Zoe,
      what kind of ticket do you want to buy? Sorry I dont quite get it.
      Do you have troubles getting the train ticket from Prague to Lesce Bled or the bus ticket from Lesce Bled to Bled?


  2. … except if you arrive to Bled Jezero of course 🙂 but it seems it’s easier to go there from Italy than from Ljubljana and even when the train should be there on the paper this is not always the case. At least this is what we saw twice with the train from Ljubljana to Trieste Opicina (Italy) finally operated by a bus. (same happened to the english journalist of great railways journeys but he found another way to avoid the bus…)

    • Yeah, as I wrote in the article, Lesce Bled is the station to go to from Ljubljana, while Bled Jezero is recommend if you are coming from Italy. The Ljubljana – Villa Opicina train being operated by a bus has nothing to do with the Nova Gorica – Bled Jezero – Jesenice line though. Bus replacement on the Ljubljana – Sezana – Villa Opicina line is due to the immense damages to the overhead lines due to ice rain a few years ago.

  3. We always used the bus from Ljubljana to Bled because we always have been told there was no train station in Bled and from what we can read you can’t really arrive to the lake Bled by train as you write in the title as you have to get a bus at the end 😉

    • The station of Bled Jezero is actually _in_ Bled, directly above the lake. Lesce Bled station (on the line from Ljubljana) is 4km away, but where possible I try to avoid buses as long as there is a sensible alternative available by train. 😉

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