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Toiletry bag light packing

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Light-weight packing for a train journey like Interrail, also applies to the toiletry bag. Usually you can optimize the weight. While travelling, you will quickly realize that a few grams or even kilos less clearly enhance the pleasure of travel. In the following blog post you will find some ideas on how to make your culture bag lighter and smaller. These are my personal preferences from experiences over the last twenty years with the backpack on trains. Of course, you can also pack things differently. We will also prepare a separate blog for female travellers, stay tuned. 🙂

I would like to mention a sentence. If you have this in your mind, weight saving is easier: if you have packed your backpack, empty it again and leave the half away. At the end of a trip you are often amazed, what you had packed and did not use during your journey. More blog posts will follow with ideas on how to save weight on clothes, …

On the three photos above, you can see the result. The weight can be reduced by half, depending on the journey length and the personal requirements. Volume can also be saved enormously.


Shower gel

It does not have to be the 500 ml pack. Simply fill half or less into a smaller plastic bottle and save weight. Try it out at home one month before your trip, how long you get out with a smaller bottle. Personally I took the very small bottle for a long weekend (4-5 days). The middle one is enough for two weeks.



Toiletry bag toothbrush
Toiletry bag toothbrush

This is my personal luxury. A normal (non-electric) toothbrush is of course significantly lighter. Everyone has its personal preferences and there is no “must”.



A half tube of toothpaste is enough for about one month. It is not much weight you save. But the total of savings does it. Save everywhere a little bit. If something gets empty your journey, you can buy it new everywhere. If you travel with a friend, share the toothpaste and save even more weight.


Cream, deodorant (the travel shower)

Toiletry bag creme
Toiletry bag creme

As you need it: cream, deodorant, … among Interrailers the deodorant is also called the “travel shower”. 🙂
Sometimes you do not have the opportunity to take a shower. Then it is handy to have a simple flannel and a light-weight travel towel with you. To refresh on a toilet room in a train, it’s enough and you feel much better afterwards.


Hair wax

You do not really need much hair wax to take with you, compared to hair gel. Also, it keeps the hair “fresh” when you can not wash it daily on your journey. Just ask Grandpa how he did it before: until the 1960s, hair wax was normal and the standard for men’s hair. Hair gel crumbles after a day before and was for me personally never a good solution.


Shaving cream, shaving foam

The easiest way is to let grow your beard. 🙂 If you shave wet, I recommend shaving cream. Fill it in a small plastic box. If you prefer shaving foam, have a look in a supermarket or drugstore to find a small can.


Shaver and pocket knives (nail cutting, scissor)

A mini pocket knife is useful for cutting nails. Also the tweezers help in many situations


First aid kit

Toiletry bag - small travel pharmacy
Toiletry bag – small travel pharmacy

In my travel first aid kit I usually have eye drops, some Aspirin and something against diarrhoea. A couple of plasters, if you have a blister. A bottle of tea tree oil and TigerBalm. With all this I’ve always been fine. Pharmacies are available everywhere in Europe.


Toiletry bag comparison – what you save on volume and weight

Here again the comparison: I saved half of weight. If you now go on with your clothes, etc, you take with you on your journey, the walk from the hostel or hotel to the train station becomes much more pleasant.


The packed toiletry bag

The toiletry bag is not really big, but everything fits in. In my case, I have chosen a Fjällräven toiletry bag. With small compartments on the side. The material is very robust and insensitive to water. It is available in different colors. I like it and am very satisfied.

Just take this blog as an idea for you. Have fun on your trip! 🙂

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