Scenic Trains: The Flåm Railway Some people say that this is Norway's most beautiful railway.

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Scenic Trains: The Flåm Railway

The Flåm Railway in Norway ranks high on every list of Europe’s most beautiful train rides and this is well deserved. It branches off from the Bergen Line (the railway connecting Oslo with Bergen which itself is a very scenic route) at the small station of Myrdal and descends to Flåm on the Aurlandsfjord. While Myrdal is located at 863 meters, Flåm is almost at sea level at only 2 meters, resulting in an extraordinary steep maximum gradient of 5,5 percent. This steep gradient of the line with its many twists, turns and tunnels, in combination with the setting in the unique landscape of Flåmsdalen valley are probably the main reasons why a trip with the Flåm Railway is considered a must for every visitor to Norway.

Tickets, Fares and Schedules

Trains on the Flåm Railway are operated by NSB (Norwegian Railways) on behalf of Flåm Utvikling, the company managing all tourist tourist attractions around Flåm and therefore a special fare is valid. Regular fare tickets are available on board the trains (payment is possible with cash or credit card), at the station in Flåm (tickets are not available at Myrdal station) as well as at any staffed NSB station in Norway. NSB also sells special through tickets from all stations in Norway to Flåm. It is also possible to buy tickets online, if you want to support railcc use our partner link to ACP Rail. Discounted tickets for Interrail/Eurail passholders are available at stations in Norway. The 2017 fares are as follows:

  • Single ticket: 360 NOK (Adult), 180 NOK (Children 4 – 15 years), 250 NOK (Interrail and Eurail pass travellers)
  • Return ticket: 480 NOK (Adult), 240 NOK (Children 4 – 15 years), no InterRail or Eurail discount

Additional discounts are available for groups (10% in high season from May to September, 25% in low season from October to April).

Apart from single or return tickets you can also buy “Norway in a Nutshell” tickets for your trip with Flåm Railway. These are combined rail, ferry and bus tickets available for five different routes between Oslo and Bergen, all including the Flåm Railway as well as a ferry trip from Flåm through Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord to Gudvangen. From Gudvangen a bus shuttle brings you to Voss, where you can get on a train to Bergen or Oslo. Tickets are available at NSB stations or online: ACP Rail

If you are travelling with a rail pass, buy separate single tickets for all three legs of the route:

  • Myrdal – Flåm: 250 NOK
  • Flåm – Gudvangen: 153 NOK
  • Gudvangen – Voss: 110 NOK


How to include Flåm Railway in your trip through Norway

1) Side trip from the Bergen Line

The best option for rail enthusiasts, including a return trip on the Flåm Railway. Leave Oslo early in the morning and travel to Myrdal where you arrive around noon. This leaves you with enough time to go to Flåm, spend some time there and travel back to Myrdal from where you can continue to Bergen, arriving there in the evening. To travel back to Oslo you can then use the overnight train or continue by bus along the coast to Stavanger.
Of course the same trip is possible in the opposite direction from Bergen to Oslo as well. During summer you could even think about taking the last train from Flåm to Myrdal and wait there for the night train to Oslo.
The schedule for the trip described above would look as follows:

Winter season until 17 April and from 09 October 2016 arr dep Summer season from 18 April until 08 October 2016 arr dep
Oslo S 0825 Oslo S 0825
Myrdal 1259 1305 Myrdal 1259 1327
Flåm 1355 1445 Flåm 1425 1605
Myrdal 1535 1543 Myrdal 1703 1713
Bergen 1758 Bergen 1957


2) The classic Norway in a Nutshell day trip

Perhaps one of the most scenic journeys in Europe using public transportation. Again, take the morning train from Oslo to Myrdal and continue to Flåm. From there, boats take you through Aurlandsfjord to Gudvangen up to eight times per day in summer season (only one daily departure during winter). From Gudvangen, frequent buses go to Voss from where you can finish your trip by train to Bergen.
Schedule including the daily boat from Flåm to Gudvangen:

arr dep
Oslo S 0825
Myrdal 1259 1305 (winter)/1327 (summer)
Flåm 1355 (winter)/1425 (summer) 1510
Gudvangen 1730 1907
Voss 2000 2114
Bergen 2243


3) Overnight stay in Flåm

Another option would be to stay overnight in Flåm, where you can find many different options ranging from hotels to apartments, cabins and a youth hostel. There is also a daily connection by ship directly to Bergen. If you decide to stay in Flåm you should take the time to hike or rent a bike and cycle on Rallarvegen, an old trail used to carry material for building the Bergen Line about 100 years ago. The trail starts at Flåm and runs through Flåmsdalen to Myrdal then continuing along Bergen Line via Hallingskleid and Finse to Haugastøl – all villages are served by Oslo – Bergen “Regiontog” long distance trains.



Updated: November 2016

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  1. Hi,
    Tks for your blog! Its very interesting and helpful.
    I will arrive (from Stockholm ) in Bergen in 18th October.
    I’m thinking to do this journey next day but I’m afraid of the weather condition… what do you thing is recommend?
    My planing is Bergen- Myrdal – flam – Myrdal – Oslo in one day…


  2. clients will like to travel Bergen to Oslo with this Flam side trip…exactly how does that work…does the train go from Bergen to Flam …then onto another rail?…….and back to Flam…and another train to Oslo….I must say it can be confusing ..i would appreciate an example of an itinerary …

    • Hi!
      I know it can be confusing. 😉
      So…the main railway line runs from Bergen via Voss – Myrdal to Oslo. There you will find three daily express trains and one night train. The Flam Railway is a branch railway, running from Myrdal down to the fjord at Flam, where it terminates.
      If you want to include the Flam Railway as a side trip of a journey from Bergen to Oslo there are several options:
      a) Train Bergen – Myrdal, then a round trip with Flam railway Myrdal – Flam – Myrdal and another train from Myrdal to Oslo.
      b) Train Bergen – Voss, bus Voss – Gudvangen, boat Gudvangen – Flam, Flam railway Flam – Myrdal and train Myrdal – Oslo
      c) Boat Bergen – Flam, Flam railway Flam – Myrdal and train Myrdal – Oslo. This is possible in summer only as far as I know.

  3. quiero viajar el 7 de julio de Oslo a Estocolmo podrian indicarme los horarios ,precios y el tiempo de viaje,gracias para dos adultos.

    • Hi!

      You can buy tickets from Oslo to Stockholm at
      However, tickets are not available yet for July; you have to wait a little bit. Tickets are usually available three months in advance.
      There are four direct “Snabbtag” trains every day in July, taking about five hours.


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