From Amsterdam to Paris by Thalys Train The high speed connection

Thalys' at Antwerp Central Lower floor

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The Thalys trains offer frequent daily connections between Amsterdam and Paris. Thalys provides links to 17 cities such as Amsterdam, Antwerp, Bruges, Brussels, Cologne, Ghent, Liège, Paris and Rotterdam. In my blog post I will explain you where to find saver fares, show you the train stations and explain you the train. For the ones who want to find schedules and ticket prices immediately, have a look at the booking links of b-europe, NS International and Trainline.


Thalys trains from Amsterdam to Paris

The Thalys operates with TGV-like high speed trains running at up to 300km/h between Amsterdam and Paris. Trains run every one or two hours, depending on time of day and day of the week. You make intermediate stops only at Schiphol Airport, Rotterdam, Antwerpen and Brussels. They offer 2nd and 1st class accommodation, called „Comfort 2“ and „Comfort 1“. There is a bar coach where you can buy drinks and snacks. When travelling in Comfort 1 you also get a complimentary meal according to the time of day served at your seat. WiFi is available and free of charge for all passengers.

Buy your train ticket at NS International , b-europe or Trainline


Stations on the way

Amsterdam is pretty much on every Interrailers list. Known for its many canals and pretty tree lined streets. The locals are very rare to find within the city center, but there’s nice food, good museums and the nightlife is pretty interesting. Renting bikes or taking a canal boat along the river are both great ways of seeing the sights.

Amsterdam Centraal
Thalys at Amsterdam CS

Schiphol Airport (Sometimes Amsterdam Airport) is the international airport of the Netherlands.

Thalys at Schiphol Airport
Thalys at Schiphol Airport

This is the city for you when you are looking for a city existing for themselves and not just for tourists. Rotterdam offers Europe’s largest port and has therefore a rich history. Sadly Rotterdam’s city center have been bombed in the 2nd World War by the Germans, so don’t expect any old buildings over here. Now there is some positive about this, Rotterdam is a city with architectural landmarks, a trendy nightlife city, a shopping city, and a hip artistic city.. You can go on a shopping spree, enjoy some excellent food, and visit a range of museums and attractions in and around the city centre.

Thalys at Rotterdam CS
Thalys at Rotterdam CS

Antwerpen Centraal
If you are travelling between Brussels, Antwerp and the Netherlands please have a closer look at IC Brussels service. Flo wrote a informing blog about this route. The IC is only a little bit slower but way cheaper.

Thalys' at Antwerp Central Lower floor
Thalys’ at Antwerp Central Lower floor

Brussel Zuid / Bruxelles Midi
Change here for the Eurostar towards London.

Thalys at Bruxelles Midi/Zuid.
Thalys at Bruxelles Midi/Zuid.

Paris Nord
The city of love! It seems to be that every couple visits once in a lifetime Paris. The city has multiple stations at the borders of the city center. The Thalys arrives at Paris Gare du Nord. From here on you will need to travel with the underground services. I can recommend taking the Mobilis 1 day 1-2 zones ticket. You’ll have to search for it on the tickets machines but with the 7,30 it’s the cheapest option when you’re planning more than 5 trips trough Paris.
The city of Paris advertises with the ParisVisite travel card (€12.85) what gives an additional discount on some attractions.
Other option is the 10 T+ tickets: €16 for 10 single trips.


Standard / comfort / premium

Thalys has updated (2017) there options with 3 available classes. The Comfort class is new with a seat in the first-class without the first-class services like a meal. Please read here for the update.
My personal experience with the seats in the standard class is that the legroom is on the short side but there are sockets near each seat. Internet is available for all travellers, although the speed is horrible and you’ve got a data-limit.

Comfort adds additional:

  • Comfortable (1st class) seats with more legroom.

Premium adds additional:

  • Served a included meal on your seat. With the time of the day there is an meal served on your seat.
  • Free daily papers and magazines.
  • La Salon is especially for business travellers. They can reserve a meeting room in front of the train.
  • Entrance to the Thalys/NSInternational Lounges.


Timetable Thalys Amsterdam – Antwerp – Brussels – Paris

Timetables are as example of 2017. Please check the most recent when booking.

Thalys Number Dep. Amsterdam Ar. Paris North Extras Thalys Number Dep. Paris Ar. Amsterdam Extras
9310 06.17 09.44 Breakfast available 9303 06.25 09.42 Breakfast available
9316 07.17 10:44 Breakfast available 9309 07.25 10.42 Breakfast available
9322 08.17 11.44 Breakfast available 9315 08.25 11.42 Breakfast available
9328 09.17 12.44 9327 10.25 13.42 Lunch available
9340 11.17 14.38 Lunch available 9339 12.25 15.42 Lunch available
9352 13.17 16.47 Lunch available  9351 14.25 17.42
9358 14.17 17.44 Lunch available 9357 15.25 18.42
9370 16.17 19.38 Lunch available
9376 17.17 20.41 Lunch available 9369 17.25 20.42 Dinner available
9382 18.17 21.39 Dinner available 9375 18.25 21.42 Dinner available
9388 19.48 22.35 Dinner available 9381 19.25 22.42 Dinner available


Type of trains

Thalys has 2 types of trains: The PBA and PBKA serie.
– PBA (Paris – Brussels – Amsterdam)  Build between 1995 and 1996
– PBKA (Paris – Brussels – Köln – Amsterdam) Build between 1996 and 1997
Both are almost technical the same where the PBKA adds the possibility to drive in Germany. For more information about Paris to Cologne read here.
The only visual difference is that the PBKA has a newer design front. The interior is just the same.



To find your carriages have a look at the screens near each door.

Carriage 1, 11 or 21 Comfort/Premium with Salon for business and disabled seats.

Thalys Carriage 1
Thalys Carriage 1

Carriage 2, 12 or 22 Comfort/Premium

Thalys Carriage 2
Thalys Carriage 2

Carriage 3, 13 or 23 Comfort/Premium

Thalys Carriage 3
Thalys Carriage 3

Carriage 4, 14 or 24 Thalys Welcome Bar with Standard

Thalys Carriage 4
Thalys Carriage 4

Carriage 5, 15 or 25 Standard

Thalys Carriage 5
Thalys Carriage 5

Carriage 6, 16 or 26 Standard

Thalys Carriage 6
Thalys Carriage 6

Carriage 7, 17 or 27 Standard and Baby changing room

Thalys Carriage 7
Thalys Carriage 7

Carriage 8, 18 or 28 Standard

Thalys Carriage 8
Thalys Carriage 8


Ticket prices for Thalys

Thalys is a private company so they can set there own prices. And they are high! You pay seriously for the speed and service they offer. When you book your tickets far in advance you’ll find a nice price. Buy your train ticket at NS International , b-europe or Trainline


Traveling with Interrail/Eurail

When you travel with the Thalys including your Interrail or Eurail pass you can buy the seat reservation online at b-europe.
An overview of the reservation fees is listed here.

Thalys leaving Amsterdam
Thalys leaving Amsterdam

Updated: September 2017

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