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Arlanda Express

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Read my review of a flight to Stockholm and the Arlanda Express train from the airport to the city center of Stockholm. As sometimes you can’t avoid travelling by plane when we speak of Scandinavia. The distances are just too long to comfortably travel between the cities. In my example I travelled from the Netherlands towards Hamburg, Copenhagen and Stockholm what took me 3 days. One week was completely filled with visiting 3 cities and to speed up my small holiday I couldn’t go without flying back.

Arlanda Express at Stockholm Airport
Arlanda Express at Stockholm Airport



The very first thoughts that most people have about citytripping in the winter might be: isn’t it too cold? And isn’t it too early dark over there? I took the test myself and headed on straight to the Stockholm’s winter. And while normally I’m not really a winter person, I wanted to see this city in the north of Europe when it’s cold, but sadly not snowy. The city has enough to offer in terms of culture, architecture and entertainment – and now – after making this trip, I am convinced that winter Stockholm isn’t disappointing at all!

The capital of Sweden is beautifully situated on 14 islands connected with 57 bridges. There are around 24,000 islands around the city. Including suburbs, Stockholm has a small 2 million inhabitants. Everywhere in the city, which is a little bit hilly, you have beautiful viewpoints. Make a nice cruise or visit one or more islands.

One of my personal tips is to visit the Djurgården island. Here are most of the museums located where I can recommend Skansen for some Swedish history (and Zoo) or the Vasamuseet. But there are many more of course! Take the tram no. 7 from the city center or the bus no. 69 from Central Station towards Djurgårdsbron.

Travelling around Stockholm is just peanuts. Make sure you get yourself Access-card with your ticket loaded on it. You check in by any bus or metro via the reader (or by the conductor on the tram). Checking out is not possible or needed since you’ll need a day-ticket. Buy your Access-card from one of the service-points near the metro entrance on Central Station.

Stockholm City Hall
Stockholm City Hall


Stockholm Arlanda Express terminal

The terminal of the Arlanda Express is located on the far side of the station on platforms 1 and 2. They’ve got their own service center for tickets, etc… You can easily find the trains on all signs throughout the whole station. The station itself is closed during the night, but the trains run a little bit longer. On closed times the trains are still reachable via the streets Vasaplan/Vasagatan.


Arlanda Airport

Arlanda has 3 train stations. North, South and Central. To know which station you’ll need depends on your arriving or departing flight. Station North is between terminals 2, 3 and 4. Station South is only 1 minute ride further and is for Terminal 5. Arlanda Central is located underneath the SkyCity and is only for local and Commuter trains, see more below.

There’s no assistance available from train staff in Arlanda. If you need any help ask airport personal. There are plenty of ticket machines on sight.

Arlanda Terminal map
Arlanda Terminal map


Arlanda Express on-board experience

Travelling with Arlanda Express is just relaxing. Noting to complain about. We travelled with a speed of 185 km/h towards Arlanda. I have to admit that the train vibrates a lot above 160 km/h which is a little bit questionable but nothing to worry about. Seats are 100% comfortable and the staff I met was friendly.

There is plenty of enough space to store all the baggage you’ll take with you. There are baggage racks located near each carriage door. Keep in mind that you should not block the aisles and doors for your own safety.
The escalators in Arlanda are long, it is advised to take the elevator if you have a heavy baggage with you. Note: They are faster as well.

They offer free wifi on-board the train.

Power outlets
Charging your phone after a flight is mission no. 1 on my list. There are power outlets near almost every seat.

I had my train punctual to the second. The average punctuality is really high, in the last 3 years: 96.7%


Timetable of Arlanda Express

There are enough trains running to catch a train without knowing the timetable. During the peak hours there are 6 trains an hour and other times 4 trains per one hour.
The last trains departs at 00.35 in Stockholm and the first one on 04:20. Last departure in Arlanda is 01:05 and the first one on 4:50.

The train ride takes only 20 minutes.

Arlanda Terminal Route
Arlanda Terminal Route


Prices of Arlanda Express

This perfect story comes to an end when I will be talking about prices. I personally find them rather high. But the service, quality of travelling, completely CO2 neutral and timetable are considerable to take the Express service. You can buy your tickets for Arlanda Express here..

Adult from 26 year:
Single SEK 280 (~ €28.5)
Return SEK 540 (~ €55)

Youth 8-25 years
Single SEK 150 (~ €15.3)
Return SEK 300 (~ €30.6)

Interrail valid! Reminder: Please check if a ticket will exceed your daily price (total Interrail price/days).
Everywhere is written that “Only Arlanda tickets are valid”, but Interrail is valid as well.

Arlanda Express
Arlanda Express



Flygbussarna is the bus company that sells tickets for Adult Single 99 SEK (~ €10), and Youth (8-17) single 89 SEK (~ €8). Every 10 minutes, takes 45 minutes.

Taking the SL (Commuter train) or SJ trains from the Arlanda Central station isn’t the most preferred situation in my opinion. Passengers who get on and off at Arlanda Central station pay an extra access fee of 120 SEK. If the fee is not included in your fare you can pay at the station counter in the SkyCity. The access fee is linked to the use of the station and the railway and how they were funded when they were built in the 1990s. Although the tickets should be a little bit cheaper than the Arlanda express it only goes 2 times an hour. Single journey SL ticket (on Access-card) including passage supplement fee: SEK 150 (adult).

Updated: October-2018

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