From Santiago and Vigo to Porto by train With the Celta trains to Portugal

As we travel towards Porto the sun sets over the Atlantic.

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Most travellers that are going to Portugal take the night trains from Hendaye/Irun and Madrid to Lisbon. However, there is another possibility to get to the beautiful country in the west of Europe by train: the Celta trains between Vigo and Porto. I travelled this route on my last Interrail trip and have compiled all information about schedules, tickets and reservations you need to know for your own trip.


From Vigo to Porto

Vigo is connected by two daily “Celta” express trains to Porto. They cover the journey in just 2h15 (consider that Portugal is one hour behind of Spain) and make only a few intermediate stops along the route. A single trip costs 14,95€, including a seat reservation. When travelling with Interrail, seat reservation is compulsory and free of charge. The Celta trains depart from Vigo Guixar, the traditional terminus of the city, a few minutes away from the city centre (read more about the other station, Vigo Urzaiz, below). After leaving Vigo, the train runs along the Ria de Vigo, a large bay of the Atlantic, before turning southwards at Redondela.

Half an hour later you reach Tui on the river Minho on the border to Portugal. On a double-deck combined rail/car bridge you cross the river and arrive in the Portuguese city of Valenca. The train now follows the river Minho until it reaches the Atlantic coast (sit on the right hand side of the train), continuing south until Viana de Castelo, the next stop. From here the railway line runs inland until Porto, stopping in Nine only where you have connections to Braga. In Porto, the Celta trains terminate at the city’s main station of Campanha, where you have connections to Lisbon. If you are going to stay in Porto, you probably want to change here and take a local train that takes you to Sao Bento station right in the heart of the city.

Besides the two fast Celta trains from Vigo to Porto there is also a connection with regional trains between the two cities. Normally the Celta trains are the better option. However I have included these trains in the timetables below as well.


From Santiago to Vigo

If you are staying in Santiago de Compostela (which to be honest is a much more interesting city than Vigo), you will need to get to Vigo first and change trains here to get to Porto. Between Santiago and Vigo there are two railway lines: The old single-track diesel line that meanders along rivers and the Atlantic coast and the new double-track electrified high-speed line. There are frequent connections (about one train per hour), completing the trip in 50 min (via the high-speed line) or 1h30 (via the old line). The single trip on board the MD trains on the high-speed line is 11,10€, while a trip with the regional trains on the old line is slightly cheaper at 9,25€. If you are travelling with Interrail you need a seat reservation on both trains which costs 4€.

It is important to know that there are two stations in Vigo: While the regional trains from Santiago, long distance and night trains from Madrid, Barcelona and San Sebastian as well as the Celta trains from Porto arrive at Vigo Guixar, the MD high speed trains from A Coruna and Santiago arrive at the new station of Vigo Urzaiz. Both stations are about 1km apart, it takes roughly 15min to walk between them. Guixar station is located directly at the harbour, while Urzaiz is a little bit uphill, so if you need to walk from Guixar to Urzaiz, take that into account. However, when travelling from Porto to Santiago, the connecting train leaves from Guixar station so you don’t have to change stations anyway.


Timetables and Tickets

If you are travelling with single tickets you can simply buy your tickets locally at train stations (either at ticket desk or ticket machines). You can also purchase tickets online in advance but as there are no special advance fares available this is not necessary. The ticket for the MD Santiago – Vigo is 11,10€, while the ticket for the Celta Vigo – Porto is 14,95€. Seat reservation is included, trains are 2nd class only.

If you like to buy your ticket online in advance, one option is like: first a ticket from Santiago to Vigo on Trainline – then a second ticket from Vigo to Porto, as well from Trainline.

When travelling with Interrail, you need seat reservations on all trains. The seat reservation for the MD is 4€, the reservation for the Celta is free. Reservations are available at ticket desks at the stations.

I was travelling in July and bought my tickets at short notice – there were plenty of seats available. The booking system for the Celta trains seems to book seats starting from the middle of each carriage, so I would recommend to take a free seat towards the end of the carriage if you are unhappy with your seat (I got a seat at a very dirty window so I took another, free seat). You can also select your seat when buying tickets at a machine. If you get your ticket/reservation from the ticket desk, you could also ask for a specific seat.

MD Celta RE R U R RE R MD Celta R
Santiago 07:30 16:27 18:30
Redondela | 17:40 |
Vigo Urzaiz 08:33 | 19:20
Vigo Guixar 08:58 09:20  17:53 18:12  19:56
Redondela | 09:31 18:24 |
Tui (ES, CET) | 10:03 18:58  |
Valenca (PT, GMT) 08:36 09:11 11:16 18:06 18:34 19:37
Viana 09:09 12:15 19:34  20:14  20:22
Nine 09:50 13:13 13:54  20:50  21:20
Porto Campanha 10:18 14:40  21:18  21:56
U R Celta RE R U R RE Celta
Porto Campanha 06:20 08:15 16:50 19:10
Nine 06:56 07:01 08:43 17:35 17:37 19:39
Viana 08:20 09:23 18:39 20:16
Valenca (PT, GMT) 09:24 09:57 10:05 19:36 19:44 20:50
Tui (ES, CET) | 11:12 20:51 |
Redondela | 11:44 21:24 |
Vigo Guixar 11:35 11:55 12:30 21:35 22:34
Redondela 12:43
Santiago 14:03

If you have any questions, feel free to comment or make a post in the railcc forum.

Update: April 2018

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  1. I am due to visit Lisbon for a conference in late August and from there to another conference in Santiago de Compostela. I am a bit confused how best to travel by train from Lisbon to Compostela direct without a break . I saw on the web that the journey is part by train and part by road ?? Can you please advise me .
    Many Thanks Flo

    • Hi Nisar!

      Unfortunately you cannot do the from Lisbon to Santiago by train within one day. You can see the full schedule from Porto to Santiago via Vigo above in the blog. You cant reach the first connection early in the morning from Lisbon, so you would have to arrive in Porto the day before. Alternatively you can travel within one day from Lisbon via Porto to Vigo but would then have to stay overnight in Vigo before going to Santiago.


  2. great info. From Lisbon to Santiago where should we stop and see the area. Old couple and not like to hike a lot anymore, especially .
    Thanks Flo

    • Hi Barbara,

      thank you!
      You should definitely make an overnight stop in Porto. Maybe you would like also think about visiting Coimbra.
      If you want to make a quick walk along the beach maybe check out Espinho where the train station is really close to the beach (and you can also see the ocean from the train) or visit Aveiro, the “Venice of Portugal”.


  3. Hi Flo, thanks for this comprehensive information. I am heading to Portugal from Spain next month and found your post in my digging online for information about getting from Santiago de Compostela to Porto. I was going to book for the morning train from Santiago and change at Vigo for the train to Porto. There is only 25 minutes between trains in the morning, so it’s good to know about the stations being 1km apart. Do you know if the trains generally run on time? I’m a fast walker and reckon i can get to the station in 15 minutes, and if i miss that train i can always catch the slower regional one i suppose. I would much prefer to catch the train than the bus and your description of the trip has confirmed that for me. I won’t have a Eurail pass. Any tips about buying train tickets. Should I risk buying the celta ticket in advance? Any other tips greatly appreciated. Love your work!

    • Hi Lee,

      thank you for your kind words! I hope this message still is in time and will help you planning your trip 🙂
      Trains (especially the trains using the “high speed line” running into Urzaiz station) are usually on time; so if you check the way between the two stations beforehand 25 minutes will be enough to get from Urzaiz to Guixar station.
      Yeah, no problem to buy the Celta ticket in advance, get both tickets (Santiago to Vigo, Vigo to Porto) at the station in Santiago – that way you would also have a right for compensation in case you miss the connection due to a delay.
      You can gain some extra half minute by exiting the train in Vigo Urzaiz at the front.

  4. Hi Flo, just found your website and what a mine of such useful info it has. Thank you for that. May I pick your brains we are travelling from Faro up to Santiago via Lisbon and Porto, stopping on route to places of interest, can you suggest a different route for us to return please. Regards and thanks

    • Hi Theresa,

      thank you very much! And sorry for the late reply, have been travelling in the Balkans.
      If you want to go solely by train in Portugal, you will have to return on the same way, using the Porto – Coimbra – Lisbon – Faro main line. The only alternative north-south line is the Coimbra – Leiria – Lisbon line however passenger traffic is sparse.
      If you have time, it would be interesting to go from Santiago by day train via Leon to Burgos (and possibly onwards towards San Sebastian) and then take the night train back to Lisbon:
      The line from Santiago to San Sebastian is really beautiful especially between Ourense and Leon. Another alternative would be to go from Santiago to Madrid via Ourense – Zamora, taking the night train back from Madrid to Lisbon. A stop in Salamanca would be worthwile too, however the only train from here to Portugal leaves only at 01:00 at night (being the night train from Irun/Madrid).

  5. Can I get a train from porto portugal to fatima portugal.

    • Hi Sandra,
      yes there are regular trains between Porto and Fatima; however please consider that the train station of Fatima is about 20km away from the city centre and the church.


  6. Hi Flo,

    Do you think it will be possible to take a train from Porto to Vigo, and come back the next morning to Porto? Or do you think that will be too much traveling in such as short period of time? I am staying a few days in Porto, but am very interested in seeing Vigo, and their fish markets.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Andrea,

      well if you find a nice place to stay in Vigo, why not go there?
      Personally I don’t find the 2h15 travel time too long as especially around the border you get some nice views. Also, I don’t know your overall itineray but it’s definitely nice to get a glimpse of spanish culture too.

      Have fun,

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