Prague to Zurich by night train Travel comfortably overnight

Travel from Prague to Zurich by night train.

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Since December 2016 the former CNL night train from Prague to Zurich via Germany has been withdrawn. Luckily, CD (Czech Railways) have stepped in and continue to offer an overnight connection between the two cities. The night train now runs on a different route via Austria. The sleeping car is a very comfortable option to get from Prague to Zurich. You also save quite a lot of time, as travelling during the day takes around ten hours at least. Find all information about travelling with Interrail, Eurail or regular tickets below.

The Charles Bridge in Prague. Travel comfortably overnight with the night train...
The Charles Bridge in Prague. Travel comfortably overnight with the night train…


Night train from Prague to Zurich

The night train from Prague to Zurich consists of a single sleeping car operating all year round. Additionally there is a 2nd class car running at the following dates: December 13 to 23 2016, January 2 to 8, February 11 to 19 and April 1 to October 30 2017. These coaches are through coaches, which means they are attached to a number of different trains along their journey.

UPDATE: The 2nd class car wont run in 2018 anymore. If you want to travel in 2nd class seats you have to change in Linz. Only the sleeping car will run through from Prague via Linz to Zurich. This situation remains unchanged in 2019.

The sleeping car is modern and comfortable and of the same type as ÖBB (Austrian Railways) uses on their nightjet trains. It has nine economy cabins with one to three berths and a washing basin. There are also three deluxe compartments with ensuite shower and WC. You will find an additional shower and WC at the end of the carriage. All cabins have an electrical plug to charge mobile phones etc and have a keycard system (cabins can be locked from the outside too). A breakfast is included and snacks and drinks can also be bought from the conductor.

Our author Daniel just travelled this route from Ceske Budejovice to Zurich and made some photos.


Timetable and tickets for the night train from Prague to Zurich

The night train leaves Praha hlavni nadrazi (Prague central station) at 18:01 and travels via LinzSalzburgFeldkirch to Zurich, arriving at 08:20 at Zürich HB (Zurich central station). You can find the detailed timetable here. In the opposite direction the train leaves Zurich at 21:40, arriving in Prague at 10:57 the following morning. Detailed timetable here.

Tickets are sold either as full fare tickets or as “First Minute Europe” advance saver fares. You can buy tickets online via the e-shop of Czech Railways, or directly at a train station. The “First Minute Europe” tickets are available up to 90 days in advance. You will get an e-ticket in your mailbox which you can either print or show as PDF file on a mobile device. “First Minute Europe” tickets are available in both directions. To buy a deluxe sleeper ticket in the e-shop you have to select 1st class when looking for connections. Price examples for the single trip Prague – Zurich:

  • Three-bed sleeper: from 36€; full fare 45€; three-bed deluxe sleeper: from 85€; full fare 125€
  • Two-bed sleeper: from 49€; full fare 58€; two-bed deluxe sleeper: from 98€; full fare 138€
  • One-bed sleeper: from 101€; full fare 160€; one-bed deluxe sleeper: from 150€; full fare 190€

If you are travelling with an Interrail or Eurail pass, you need a reservation. You will find the reservation prices directly on railcc.

If you have more questions about this route you can contact us directly here and in the forum. Zurich. Explore the old town or take a walk along the Limmat to Lake Zurich!
…to Zurich. Explore the old town or take a walk along the Limmat to Lake Zurich!

Update: November 2018

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