Paris to Frankfurt by TGV High-Speed-Train A train journey from France to Germany in first class

Sunrise over Gare de l'Est

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Train connections from Germany to Paris (France) are available daily by TGV and ICE high-speed train. The main routes lead from Frankfurt am Main via Mannheim (6 times daily in 2:58 hours), Kaiserslautern and Saarbrücken to Paris. Coming from Munich via Stuttgart, Karlsruhe (7 times daily in 2:29 hours) and Strasbourg to Paris. As well as from Freiburg via Mulhouse and Dijon to Paris. Train tickets for the TGV or ICE journey from Germany to France and back can be bought securely and comfortably online via Deutsche Bahn or Trainline. This blog post is about my journey from Paris to Mannheim in the TGV train in first class. The destination of the train was Frankfurt am Main.


Departure in Paris

The departure of the TGV and ICE trains in Paris is at the Gare de l’Est. The Gare de l’Est can be easily reached by metro 4, 5 and 7. The Gare du Nord (services to London and Brussels) is a 10-minute walk away. Flo and I had a hotel right at the Gare de l’Est. We asked for a room on a top floor with view over the train station. We got it – nice! 🙂
The TGV from Paris to Mannheim was my train home from our train trip to Moscow.

I got a saver price for the morning departure. The train ticket for the first class from Paris to Mannheim was EUR 59. I bought it at Deutsche Bahn. You often find saver prices for EUR 39 or EUR 59 on this route if you avoid the main travel days (Friday afternoon and Sunday evening).


The journey

The train was not fully occupied, so perfect for me to take a few photos and not disturb anyone. The seats in the first class are really very comfortable and have plenty of legroom as well.

However, there is no room for your own luggage directly at your seat. You have to use the existing storage areas for larger suitcases.

When you walk up to stairs from the entrance doors there is a seat if you want to make a mobile call. There are toilets on both floors which were absolutely clean.


The restaurant

After a look at the menu of the restaurant, we went there to enjoy a coffee at a speed of 320 km/h. 🙂


Where to buy your train ticket and find timetables

To find timetables and buy saver price tickets for EUR 39 (second class) or EUR 59 (first class) make use of the websites of Deutsche Bahn and Trainline.

The journey from France to Germany is a really great and comfortable experience. Especially as the journey is from city center to city center. No need to first travel to an airport, check-in and all that hassle.


Travel by Interrail in the TGV

Find detailed information for Interrail travellers in a TGV train. An additional seat reservation is required.


Further information

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