From Kemi to Luleå by Bus If there is no train connection, the bus will make do.

From Kemi to Luleå by Bus

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Although there is a railway line connecting Finland and Sweden, running from Tornio via Haparanda, Kalix and Morjärv to Boden, there are currently no passenger trains between the two countries. Instead, you have to rely on buses for the roughly 150km long trip that lasts about 2h 45 minutes. The route consists of two legs: First, you travel from Kemi via Tornio to Haparanda. Services are quite frequent and operated by two different companies: NET-Matkat and Veljekset Salmela. In Haparanda you have to change to the buses of Länstrafiken Norrbotten, which run up to ten times per day to Luleå and onwards along the coast to Umeå.

Note: as of 2016, you have to change buses at the new “Haparanda/Tornio” bus station at the border. The photos still show the old bus station.


In Kemi, the buses stop directly at the station. The bus station in Haparanda is quite small so even if there are some really short changes you won’t get in trouble. In case you have to wait a bit longer there is a huge shopping mall and IKEA nearby. In Luleå, the buses stop at the bus station that is only about 200 metres from the railway station. You can see the railway line from the bus station so it is no big deal to find it – just walk across the small park and you are there. As everywhere in Scandinavia you can also ask anyone for help in case you need assistance.



Bus ticket fares and free Interrail travel from Kemi to Luleå

Between Kemi and Luleå InterRail and Eurail passes are valid on all bus connections, just show your tickets to the driver and you will get a ticket for free. Also valid are other kinds of train tickets, you can purchase tickets from any Finnish station to Tornio and to any Swedish station from there. Regular bus fares are 6,50€ for Kemi – Haparanda and 19€ (171 SEK) for Haparanda – Luleå.


Buy your bus ticket for Kemi to Luleå online

To buy your bus ticket online for the route Kemi to Luleå or reverse, use the following two booking websites.

Matkahuolto for: Kemi to Haparanda
Länstrafiken Norrbotten for: Haparanda to Luleå

Select the following bus station names.

Kemi: Kemi railway station
Haparanda: Haparanda Tornio Resecentrum LTN / Haparanda-Tornio [NB. Finnish time]
Luleå: Luleå Busstation


Bus schedules for Kemi to Luleå

Bus schedules are available via the two given booking links. They are always up to date. Keep in mind, there is one hour difference in time between Finland and Sweden.

Schedules Luleå-Haparanda
Schedules Haparanda-Kemi


Tickets for trains in Kemi and Luleå

Train travel from and to Kemi.
Train travel from and to Luleå


Route information

More information about the route from Kemi to Luleå can be found here.




Update: May 2018

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  1. Jeg har tenkt å reise til Lahti i Finnland i bryllup 16 mars 2019. Reise fra Narvik N med tog til Boden eller Luleå, buss derfra over grensen til Kemi. Tog fra Kemi til Lathi men jeg kjenner ikke til togtider og forbindelser i Finnland.

  2. Hi flo !! you looks very kind in your anwsers ! i send one for you…
    I want to go from Stockholm to Helsinki, but ..ALL BY BUS, like a experience thing, how that can be ? in terms of your expenrience, i mean, exist any bus from Stockholm to Lulea (or even better to Haparanda) ? and then from kemi to Helsinki ? (or even better from Haparanda/Tornio to helsinki ?
    And how much that can take ? if i take the connections without much waiting…18 hours ?

  3. Hi
    my husband are going to be in Scandinavia in August and will be travelling on a eurail global pass continuous ticket. Are we able to use this pass on the train from Lulea to Stockholm? Your feedback would be much appreciated.

  4. Hi Flo!

    Since we have to take the bus in the evening (probably 6:40 pm) we are not sure if we really have a bus from Haparanda to Kemi. Is there always a following bus to our connection from Lulea?

    Thx for the info!!
    Greetings from Switzerland

  5. I travelling from Lulea to Kemi in April, before getting a night train from Kemi to Helsinki.
    Do you have any advice/tips? Can we simply buy a ticket on the bus, rather than book in advance?

    • Hi!

      When we were travelling we bought the tickets directly at the bus (in August) so I don’t think there will be an issue. In general, I never had the impression that booking in advance is necessary in that area.
      The bus stop in Haparanda/Kemi, where you change buses, has been relocated after my last visit there. It would be great if you could share some photos/information from the current situation after your trip! 🙂

      Have a nice trip,

  6. Hi! We have some question need your assistance .
    We would like to travel from Kemi to Lulea on Feb 2017. Do you know any train or bus go though these two place ? If by bus, can buy bus ticket online and which the bus station located ? How about Kiruna to Stockholm ?
    We not familiar with Europe country trip and bus system as we are coming from Malaysia .
    Thank you

  7. hi, i was just wondering if you have tips for travel from Lulea to Kiruna, as we are doing the above Rovaniemi to Kemi then Kemi to Lulea ( im assuming we book bus tickets on the day as i can not book online). We are staying at the Ice Hotel for a few nights. I am just trying to figure out the best way. Thanks

    • Hi!
      From Lulea to Kiruna there are up to three regional trains operated by Norrtag plus two Intercity trains operated by SJ (and continuing to Narvik). For the latter you can purchase advance fares at otherwise just get the ticket locally at the ticket machine. If you have time you could make an intermediate stop at Gällivare.
      Bus tickets from Kemi/Haparanda to Lulea can be bought directly at the driver, from Rovaniemi to Kemi either at the driver but it could work at too.

  8. We traveled from Haparanda-Tornio to Rovaniemi, via Kemi last month and want to inform everyone of the strange situation in the Kemi train station. When you arrive you’ll see the 1st track and then a long fence between the 1st and the other tracks, with freight trains and no monitors so if you see that your train will be on the track no.2 you look for a underpass but you’ll not find it because there is no one. And don’t try to ask people there because it seems no one speaks english (contrary to what happens in the near Sweden or Norway).
    You just have to walk for hundreds and hundreds meters, in the snow if it’s winter, with all your luggages and after approx. 10 minutes you’ll find the access to the track no.2. Don’t stop there or you’ll miss the train, you then have to do the way back on the track no.2 to be in front of the waiting room.
    Why is like this? Do they get a bonus if tourist loose their trains? We don’t know, but we do know that we have never seen a train station like this and talking with other people in Rovaniemi it seems we are not the only one who have been surprised and confused when arriving.

    • Thanks for that valuable information!
      I hope it didn’t affect your journey? Did you still get your train?

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