Interrail: What’s New in 2016 Lots of good news.

2016 is going to be a good year for Interrail!

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There will be a number of changes to the Interrail offer in 2016. We will see the introduction of new Global Pass options which will increase flexibility and an important change to the rules regarding travelling in your country of residence. On top of that I have listed some new travel options which can be interesting especially for Interrailers.

NEW InterrAil Global passes

The range of Interrail Global Passes will be modified: The introduction of the “7 Days within 1 Month” and “15 Days within 1 Month” passes allows to plan more relaxed routes that allow you to spend more time at each destination. You can now also think about routes that include destinations where Interrail is not valid, for instance the Baltic countries: Travel to Finland with Interrail, then make your way across the Baltics with regular tickets and countinue with your Interrail ticket from Poland.

The validities of the existing Flexi Passes will be extended as well: The 5in10 ticket will now be “5 Days within 15 Days” and the 10in22 changes to “10 Days within 1 Month”. The extended validity makes up for the slight increase in price: The “5 Days within 10 Days Youth Pass” was 192€, the new “5 Days within 15 Days Youth Pass” will be 200€. Have a look at the full price list below.

Youth Adult Senior
2nd class 1st class 2nd class 1st class 2nd class 1st class
5 Travel Days in 15 Days 200 EUR 331 EUR 264 EUR 413 EUR 238 EUR 372 EUR
7 Travel Days in One Month 246 EUR 393 EUR 315 EUR 491 EUR 284 EUR 442 EUR
10 Travel Days in One Month 292 EUR 471 EUR 374 EUR 588 EUR 338 EUR 529 EUR
15 Travel Days in One Month 361 EUR 579 EUR 463 EUR 723 EUR 417 EUR 651 EUR
15 Travel Days 338 EUR 520 EUR 414 EUR 650 EUR 373 EUR 586 EUR
22 Travel Days 374 EUR 608 EUR 484 EUR 760 EUR 437 EUR 685 EUR
One Month 479 EUR 787 EUR 626 EUR 983 EUR 564 EUR 886 EUR

There are no changes to the Interrail One Country Passes, for a full price list of all One Country Passes have a look at the railcc site.

We are happy to help you planning your 2016 Interrail trip – just use our big forum. To support us and our work, buy your Interrail tickets via our affiliate link to – thank you! We are official partners of same price for you, free delivery!

Free transfer from your home to the border

Another very important change in 2016 is the introduction of a free transfer from your home to the border included in all Interrail Global Passes. Until now, you had to buy a ticket to do so – most railway companies offered a discount of up to 50% however this still added considerable costs to the travel budget, especially for people living in big countries like Germany, France or Poland.

How does it work? There are dedicated boxes at the pass cover for the two trips from your hometown to the border or an airport or port in your country and back which you have to fill in with the travel dates. You also have to enter the details of these trips in the travel report as every other trip during your journey. Changes of trains in your country are allowed, but you have to reach the border within one day and the trips have to be within the validity date of your pass. In case you are travelling with a Flexi Pass you also have to enter a travel day for travelling within your country – which shouldn’t be a problem since you will continue your trip beyond the border anyway.

Interrail Italy Premium Pass

In addition to the exisiting Italy and Italy Plus One Country Pass, 2016 sees the introduction of the Italy Premium Pass. Similar as the other passes, it is available with 3, 4, 6 or 8 travel days, but includes free reservations for Italian high speed (Frecciarossa, Frecciargento, Frecciabianca) trains, which normally cost 10€. This comes at a higher overall price of the pass though, so you should calculate beforehand whether you need these “included” reservations or will be fine with the standard reservations you can buy locally for 10€. The Interrail pass is available here.

Other news

2nd class seats on German CNL night train can now be used without a reservation (except for the trains to/from Italy). The CNL brand is being used for sleeper and couchette accomodation only, while 2nd class seats are branded IC now and can be used without a reservation. However, as capacity is limited I would recommend to get a reservation on peak dates and during the summer months.

The night trains from Vienna and Budapest to Krakow now also convey 2nd class seats (reservation compulsory), offering a cheaper alternative to the existing sleeper and couchette coaches.

Russian Railways RZD have introduced a new daily sleeper service from Moscow via Minsk – Warsaw – Budapest – Belgrade to Sofia. Overnight sections are Moscow to Warsaw and Budapest to Belgrade. It will be possible to use the sleeper with Interrail between Poland and Bulgaria, however the reservation systems have not been updated yet so no prices are available and no reservations can be made yet.

In addition to the above mentioned new RZD trains you can now also travel overnight from Berlin to Paris again using the twice-weekly RZD night train from Moscow via Berlin to Paris. For trips between any stations in Germany and France, Interrail pass holders will get a 10% discount. Remember that you won’t have to use a travel day for this trip, as you only get a discount.

There will be a new daytime train between Belgrade and Sofia, complementing the existing overnight service.

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  1. Which is the best and quickies way to travel from Barcelona, Spain to Amsterdam. (oneway)

    • Hi!

      I’d recommend this connection:
      Barcelona Sants 0920 – 1553 Paris Gare de Lyon
      Transfer by RER Line D, northbound, direction Saint Denis/Orry/Creil to Gare du Nord
      Paris Gare du Nord 1716 – 2042 Amsterdam CS

      You can book this connection directly on the website of SNCF (French Railways).

      For more detailed questions, you can make a post in the railcc forum.


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