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Travel with Interrail and explore the beauty of Europe.

As every year, 2017 brings a number of changes to the range of Interrail Global and One Country passes. We saw a lot of quite substantial changes last year (introduction of new passes, free outbound/inbound trips in country of residence) and this year there are some good news again: The age limit for the Youth Pass range will be increased to 28 years (instead of the current limit of 26 years). Interrail will be fully accepted on board the Eurostar and many Swiss private railways which adds a lot of extra value for your money. Another major change are the lowered prices for many 1st class Global Passes. I have written a summary of all changes and you can find all details below.

INterrail fares

2017 will see a minor price increase of 2nd class Global Passes.The differences range between 2 and 14€. However, 1st class Global Passes will be considerably cheaper. Savings range between 47 and 139€ compared to this year’s prices! This gives a large boost to the value of the 1st class passes. That extra bit of comfort now is really affordable. Travelling in 1st class brings you a lot of extra comfort on the trains and a number of extra bonuses too. You get access to many lounges at stations as well as complimentary meals and newspapers on many trains.

Interrail Price list 2017

Have a look at the comlete price list for Interrail Global Passes below. For the prices of all One Country Passes have a look directly at railcc.

Youth Adult Senior
2nd class 1st class 2nd class 1st class 2nd class 1st class
5 Travel Days in 15 Days 206 EUR 284 EUR 267 EUR 355 EUR 240 EUR 319 EUR
7 Travel Days in One Month 253 EUR 337 EUR 318 EUR 422 EUR 287 EUR 379 EUR
10 Travel Days in One Month 301 EUR 404 EUR 378 EUR 505 EUR 341 EUR 454 EUR
15 Travel Days in One Month 372 EUR 497 EUR 468 EUR 621 EUR 421 EUR 559 EUR
15 Travel Days 348 EUR 446 EUR 418 EUR 558 EUR 377 EUR 503 EUR
22 Travel Days 385 EUR 522 EUR 489 EUR 652 EUR 441 EUR 588 EUR
One Month 493 EUR 676 EUR 632 EUR 844 EUR 570 EUR 761 EUR

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Explore Europe by train with Interrail!
Explore Europe by train with Interrail!

New youth Pass age limit

A welcome change is the new age limit of the Interrail Youth passes. It will increase from 26 to under 28 years of age. To be exact: The last possible starting day of your Youth Interrail Pass is the day before your 28th birthday. Unfortunately, this change comes a bit too late for me but I hope that many of you can benefit from it. 😉

Interrail valid on Eurostar services

A major change of 2017 is the full acceptance of Interrail tickets on board of the Eurostar trains through the Channel Tunnel. Until now, Eurostar granted only a discounted fare for Interrail passholders. This fare was pretty expensive and you could usually get much cheaper regular tickets if bought well in advance. The new reservations will be available for Eurostar services between London and Brussels, Paris and Disneyland Paris. For trips from Paris to London your pass has to be at least valid in France, for trips from Brussels to London it has to be valid at least in Belgium (eg a Benelux One Country Pass). Interrail won’t be accepted on board the Eurostar services to Marseille and Bourg St Maurice. The reservation fee is 30€ in Standard class (2nd class), 38€ in Standard Premier (1st class). Travel in Standard Premier includes a complimentary meal on board the train. See more in the video. Business Premier accomodation is not available for passholders.

Interrail valid on most Swiss Private Railways

The Interrail Pass is now valid on most of the private railway lines in Switzerland. The most substantial addition probably is the MGB (Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn) which operates the Glacier Express service jointly with RhB (Rhaetian Railways). This means that you can now travel the whole lenght of the famous Glacier Express with Interrail. No reservation needed if you go with regional trains, however if you want to travel with the famous Glacier Express itself, a reservation is compulsory (33 CHF in summer, 13 CHF in winter).

Other additions include the CJ (Chemins de Fer de Jura) and MVR (operates the Mont Blanc Express to Chamonix). You will now also get a 25% discount on the full rail network of the the Jungfrau area. This includes services from Interlaken to Grindelwald and Lauterbrunnen and onwards to Wengen and Kleine Scheidegg. Even the railway to Jungfraujoch, Europe’s highest railway, will be 25% discounted if you have an Interrail pass. Read more about the fascinating railways in this area in our blog.

You can find a full list of Swiss Railway companies on railcc.

Travel to vibrant cities...
Travel to vibrant cities…

Interrail Spain and Italy Premium Passes

The Interrail One Country Pass for Spain and Italy are also available as a “Premium Pass” at our partner link. They are more expensive but include seat reservations. Long distance services in Italy and Spain usually require a reservation (see the detailed reservation for Italy and Spain), so it can make sense to go with the Premium Pass. Reservations have to be made in advance though so you will lose flexibility. Also, the price difference between a regular pass and the Premium Pass is quite high, so if you go with trains that don’t require a reservation, you might be better off using the regular passes.

More train news

As every year, there have been many changes to the schedules throughout Europe. Some of them big, some of them small. I will write about these changes in a separate blog. Meanwhile here are some important changes you should keep in mind when planning your next Interrail trip.

  • Still no trains to Istanbul, but this may change in April. Read more here.
  • No trains from Belgrade to Skopje and Thessaloniki until end of May. Read more here.
  • Several night trains in France withdrawn. You can find the list of remaining night trains here.
  • CNL (City Night Line) night trains operated by DB (German Railways) have been withdrawn, including the night trains from Amsterdam to Zurich and Munich. ÖBB (Austrian Railways) has introduced new night trains (known as “nightjet”) on some of the former routes. DB will only operate ICE and IC services overnight without couchette or sleeper accomodation. Have a look at all night trains in Germany here.
...and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Europe!
…and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Europe!


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