Bodø and Fauske to Narvik by Bus A beautiful roadtrip in Norway

The bus from Bodo via Fauske to Narvik on its way on the E6.

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On our last trip to Scandinavia, we mostly travelled along the Inlandsbanan in Sweden. However, we also spent some time in Norway, between Fauske and Narvik to be more exact. Fauske is a small city just about half an hour away from Bodø, the terminus of the Nordlandsbanen, which starts in Trondheim. Bodø is the northernmost station of the network of NSB (Norwegian Railways). If you want to continue to the far north of Norway you have to continue from here by bus. The route from Fauske along the E6 to Narvik is stunningly beautiful, taking you along, across and around fjords and providing beautiful views of the unique Norwegian landscape. You will find all the information you need for your trip below.

Map Fauske to Narvik by Bus
Map Fauske to Narvik by Bus



Trondheim to Fauske and Bodø by Train

From Trondheim there is one daily day and night train running via Mosjœn, Mo i Rana and Fauske to Bodø. The trip along the Nordland Railway is really scenic with the most beautiful part being the crossing of Saltfjell just north of Mo i Rana. There the trains also cross the Polar Circle however unlike at the Inland Railway in Sweden they do not make stops there. At the terminus of the line in Bodø you can continue your trip by ferry to Lofoten. If you want to travel further north you should leave the train already at Fauske. From there you can take buses along the E6 road to Narvik.


Bodø/Fauske to Narvik by Bus

There are to daily buses connecting Fauske with Narvik. Both buses already begin their journey in Bodø before calling in Fauske. If you are travelling with the train from Trondheim, get off at Fauske where you have direct connection from the station to the buses to Narvik. The bus line is 23-720, and the journey takes about 4h45. The detailed schedule for the bus can be found on 177nordland. When going to Narvik, you actually have to change from one bus to another at Storjord. The bus you board in Fauske will run to Sortland from there (the destination sign also says “Sortland”), while you board another bus that will take you to Narvik. This is a very easy procedure and the bus drivers will tell you when to change. You don’t have to worry about missing the connecting bus!

by train by bus
Trondheim dep 23:40 07:38 Narvik dep 07:00 16:10
Fauske arr 08:20 16:37 Fauske arr 11:45 21:10
by bus by train
Fauske dep 08:50 18:09 Fauske dep 13:16 22:00
Narvik arr 13:30 23:00 Trondheim arr 22:05 07:47

You can buy tickets directly from the driver of the bus. A full fare single ticket costs currently is 443 NOK (about 45 Euro). Reductions are available for youths, students and seniors. For details have a look at 177nordland.


Travelling along the E6

The E6 is the main road running from the south of Norway to the far north. Although this is the main artery for road traffic to the north it is only a two-lane road with many curves, bends, tunnels and bridges. The trip from Fauske to Narvik is really beautiful, taking you along fjords, through tunnels and over mountains with constant scenic views. If you prefer to have a good view of the Norwegian mountains take a seat on the right, if you prefer to watch the sea sit on the left. Starting from Fauske the bus runs along the shores of several large fjords. Then it crosses a mountain range before the road reaches the coast again. After about three hours you will reach Storjord where you change buses (as mentioned above).

From there it is just a few minutes to Bognes. Here you have to continue by ferry – that’s right, there is no through road connection to the north of Norway. You get on the ferry onboard the bus and then can spend the roughly 30 minutes ride on deck, marvelling at the beautiful landscape. After the ferry trip you continue on the E6 once again. On a beautiful day you are able to see Lofoten across the sea during this last part of the trip. Finally the bus will reach the suburbs of Narvik before reaching the bus station in the city centre.


Travel on from Narvik

Narvik is a major transportation hub with good connections in all directions. From there you can go by bus to Lofoten or continue to the far north. Buses run from here to Tromso from where you continue towards the North Cape and Kirkenes. Narvik is also the terminus of the Iron Ore Line with two daily trains to Sweden. And of course the night train from Narvik to Stockholm.

Timetables for your journey in direction of Tromsø, Finnmark and Nordkapp are available on Tromskortet. For detailed information for your journey to the Lofoten read our blog. Also for the journey on the Iron Ore Line in direction of Luleå and Stockholm.

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  1. Does the bus from Fauske to Narvik have a toilet on board, or does it make comfort stops?

    • Hi!

      The bus is a regular long distance coach with a toilet, however I do not know if it is normally opened. However, the bus travels part of its route on a ferry which you can use to go to the toilet of the ferry.


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