From Amsterdam to Berlin by Train The direct Intercity train from Amsterdam to Berlin.

Intercity Amsterdam Berlin

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The train between Amsterdam and Berlin, mostly called ‘Intercity Berlin’, is a great link between these world class cities. You travel between these two cities within 6 hours and can enjoy the canals or get a beer.

This normal IC service is free for Interrail and Eurail travellers and everybody can hop on. You can reserve a seat but is not needed. Although I can recommend taking one when you are travelling a long distance since most trains are quite full! Between Amsterdam and the Dutch border and Hanover and Berlin are the busiest parts.

My personal experiences with the Berlin-Amsterdam train connection was perfect. I traveled from Berlin to Amsterdam comfortable, easy and fast. If you book your train ticket several days or weeks in advance, you will find very cheap offers, get very cheap tickets. This mostly called ‘Intercity Berlin’, is a great link between two world class cities within only 6 hours. Special price tickets are available via Deutsche Bahn and NS International.



Most intercity trains are fitted with sockets for your mobile or laptop what makes the journey a little bit more fun. Wifi is not available and your mobile connection is quite bad in these coaches.



Sure, you can choose to bring your own food and drink on the train, but if you do not want or have time for that, you can also order something at the bistro. Each intercity train features a bistro wagon. Watch out, prices are higher than on the stations! For example, a small coffee or bottle of water is EUR 2,80.



The seats on this train are pretty good, much more spacious than in a plane. Some seats are in a four-seat layout with a table. If you book a seat, you can also specify whether you want to sit at a table. Handy if you’re travelling with a group!


Seat reservation

The trains are owned by Deutsche Bahn. You recognize them by white with red accents DB logo. Next to the doors you will find on the electronic display your carriage number (for your seat reservation). On your ticket or reservation you will find the corresponding information about the location of your seat for your train journey to or from Berlin. So make sure that you are on the right place, which saves you a lot of walk in the train itself. The carriage order can be found on one of the information displays on the platform. I can recommend you to take a seat reservation. This will cost you about EUR 4,50 extra, but you have a guaranteed seat. If you avoid travelling within the rush hours or later on a day it will be a lot quieter.


Traveling by train

On board the InterCity Berlin you can find the leaflets: “Ihr Reiseplan”. In these folders you can read where you will make stops, departure and arrival times for each station, but also information about connecting trains and the service is offered on board. In addition to these, listen to the broadcast messages just before arriving at the next stop, it announces which connections will you will have on this station.


The Video


The cities

This blogs is as a guideline for you travel from or to Amsterdam or Berlin. Both cities are well known by everybody and worth visiting of course.

Amsterdam is pretty much on every Interrailers’ list. Known for its many canals and pretty tree lined streets. There’s nice food, good museums and the nightlife is pretty interesting. Renting bikes or taking a canal boat along the river are both great ways of seeing the sights.
For more interesting points read the Blog about the Netherlands including Amsterdam and way more interesting points!

Berlin is the city of culture, history and many sights. The city has been hit hard by World War II and has for years been split in two by the Berlin Wall. The city is therefore an open air museum. You can find this story is on every street corner.
For more interesting points read the Blog about Berlin!


The Route from Amsterdam to Berlin

The Intercity Berlin is the train that runs directly from Amsterdam Central to Berlin 6 times a day. You can travel from Amsterdam to Berlin in around 6 hours, stopping only at IC stations in the Netherlands and Germany.
Amsterdam CSHilversumAmersfoortApeldoornDeventerAlmeloHengelo – NL/DE – Bad BentheimRheine – Osnabrück HbfBünde – Minden –  Hanover HbfWolfsburgStendalRathenow – Berlin Spandau – Berlin Hbf – Berlin Ostbahnhof
Train connection Amsterdam – Berlin
Train connection Berlin – Amsterdam


Ticket prices from Amsterdam to Berlin and where to buy

Booking your trip more than 1 day before you can get the Europa Spezial (on NS and DB) prices. The farther booked in advance, the cheaper. Have a look on Deutsche Bahn, NS International or Trainline to find ticket prices and schedules.

 Intercity Amsterdam – Berlin Europa Spezial Normal
Number of days it can be booked before departure 92 days 92 days
Number of days it can be booked till departure 1 days 0 days
One-way 1st class € 69 € 187.60
One-way 2nd class € 39 € 116.20

Booking links:
NS International (Netherlands):
Deutsche Bahn (German national railways):


The Timetable

Up to date live schedules are available on a href=”” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>Deutsche Bahn, NS International or Trainline.

Amsterdam–Osnabrück–Hannover–Berlin (2018)

Amsterdam CS 5.02* 7.00 9.00 11.00 13.00 15.00 17.00 19.00***
Osnabrück Hbf 8.03* 10.06 12.06 14.06 16.06 18.06 20.06** 22.06***
Hannover Hbf 9.18* 11.18 13.18 15.18 17.18 19.18 21.18** 23.21***
Berlin Hbf 11.22* 13.22 15.22 17.22 19.22 21.22 23.34***

* Only from 24 March – 27 October, but not on Sundays
** Daily from 24 March – 27 October, from 28 October – 7 December not on Saturdays
*** Only on Sundays

Berlin–Hannover–Osnabrück–Amsterdam (2018)

Berlin Hbf 6.23* 8.23 10.23 12.23 14.23 16.23
Hannover Hbf 6.40* 8.40** 10.40 12.40 14.40 16.40 18.40
Osnabrück Hbf 7.53* 9.53** 11.53 13.53 15.53 17.53 19.53
Amsterdam CS 11.00* 13.00 15.01 17.01 19.00 21.00 23.00

* Not on Sundays
** 25 May – 28 October Daily, 29 October – 8 december not on Sundays

Timetable is only as a example. Check for the real time the DB planner.

Updated: November 2018

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  3. I am visiting Slovenia in Jan 2017 for some work , i want to visit VIENNA, PRAGUE, BERLIN , MUNICH, AMSTERDAM. can you suggest some train links from Ljubyana slovenia.


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